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Under the Eagle’s Nest

Beautiful pair of eagles watched us watching them

Beautiful pair of eagles watched us watching them

In November of 2012 we decided to sail up the St. Mary’s River and surprised ourselves when we found these two eagles. We watched and photographed them for a couple hours before darkness fell. Ah, the majesty of these birds; what an honor just to be able to look upon them living free and undisturbed.

Recently, we found ourselves back in the neighborhood and were pleased to see them tending the nest we saw just upriver from the pair. How exciting!

Guarding her nest

Guarding her nest

Of course, we did not disturb these majestic birds in any way but only watched them from afar (thankful for telescopic lenses). We were grateful just to have the chance to see eagles in the wild and hope to see them again in the future.

Reflections on the St. Mary's River

Reflections on the St. Mary’s River

It was so peaceful we decided to spend the night and try to get a glimpse of the nest in the morning and we weren’t disappointed with what we saw as we passed. As you can see from the picture below, the dedicated eagle was right there with her brood.

Look at the size of that nest!

Look at the size of that nest!

May these eagle’s live free and prosper in their remote home. I also hope to return from time to time to check on them.


Eagle feeding fish to her 2 chicks - photo from eagle cam feed

Eagle feeding fish to her 2 chicks – photo from eagle cam feed

Eagle Cam View of Iowa Eagle’s Nest

On the first day of spring 2013, I happened upon ALCOA Davenport Work’s Eagle Cam on the internet. It is something to behold to watch the eagle feeding her two chicks. If you are reading this in the time span of her raising these two little ones, you are in for a treat, especially if you catch her just after sunrise feeding them from the carcasses of fish she has caught and laid up in her nest. I was only able to snap a few pics from the water of the eagle’s nest I saw – the Davenport webcam is unbelievably amazing to watch! Don’t miss it. Here are a few pictures captured off the Alcoa Eagle Cam internet feed you might enjoy.


Saint Mary’s Sunsets

St. Marys Marina at Sunset

The sunset behind Lang’s Marina in St. Marys, GA

Sunset on the Marsh

Sunset on the Marsh

Looking East from St. Marys, GA harbor

Looking East from St. Marys, GA harbor

Florida – Georgia Border

St. Mary’s, GA and Fernandina Beach, FL along the St. Mary’s River from the air

Look carefully and you’ll see sailboats anchored in the river

Breathtakingly beautiful

To the west, the full moon is still high in the sky

Sailing on the Atlantic Ocean

Sunset behind the Dames Point Bridge


Fireworks display at Mayport as we motored by

Couldn’t Resist

Some of my favorite pictures.

I do enjoy the sights around a major port. The big ships are interesting but the tugboats are what I really LOVE! These little powerhouses push and pull these giant ships into place and then escort them back out to the main river channel. I see why they are a favorite with little children: To see them work is to become utterly impressed with them and their work. Yep, even I want to drive a tugboat when I grow up! Toot! Toot!