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Heading South

July 9, 2013

Tall ships in the distance in the Cumberland Island anchorage

It was a cold rain we woke up to this morning as we made ready to leave the St. Mary’s River and Cumberland Island for points south. We were surrounded by beautiful tall sailing ships the likes of we had seen only a few times and those were mostly in pictures and movies. But leave we were determined to do so we prepared to set sail.

Before we left we couldn’t help admiring the two very tall sailing ships that were anchored near us. Don’t know who they belonged to or who was on them but they were very impressively large and well equipped. I couldn’t help snapping a few pictures of them.

PicMonkey Collage

Impressive large sailing vessels in the Cumberland Island anchorage

We worked our way out to the ocean, avoiding the rocky jetty that lines the entrance to the St. Mary’s River. This is also the route the subs take going to and leaving the base so we certainly didn’t have to worry about shallow water.

Once out on the ocean, sails set and heading south, we caught sight of this beautiful rainbow.

rainbow over ocean

A good sign from the Most High God as we begin our journey

We made it all the way to St. Augustine that day arriving just before midnight. We traveled 66 miles averaging 5.4 mph. If you really want to get somewhere fast, you don’t travel on a sailboat. St. Augustine’s entrance is not one I recommend entering when seas are rough and it is dark but we made it fine thanks to the competence of an experienced and capable captain and Providence.

After day one’s adventures on the open sea, we decided I might like to try the Intercoastal Waterway for a few days so after a few days in St. Augustine we headed south on the “inside”.


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