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St. Augustine

July 9, 2013

Bridge of Lions

It took a day to get from Cumberland Island to St. Augustine. We arrived about 11 p.m. in rough seas but we made it in safely to find an anchorage just north of this beautiful Bridge of Lions.

We were there for four days and found the city welcoming, beautiful and helpful to sailboaters. The City Marina Mooring Field was reasonable and the facilities were clean (a very good thing!).

We rode our bikes four miles each way to get to Walmart only to find out after we left, heading south on the I.C.W., that there is a great anchorage very near the store a few miles downstream. To find this place you’ll want to look for the public boat ramp south of the 312 bridge. This is about a mile or so south of the Bridge of Lions and from the looks of all the boats there, lots of people know about it. It seems easy enough to get to the big box stores from the boat ramp using public streets.


The Bridge of Lions has beautifully carved lions guarding the entrances.

I love the detail, look at this paw!


Here are more pictures of St. Augustine.


The observation tower on one corner of the old Spanish fort. Walls seem sturdy enough; no wonder this fort is over 500 years old.


These are either moat walls or good places to hide and shoot behind.


Old and rugged.


St. Augustine’s north mooring field sits between the Spanish fort and the Bridge of Lions.


Time to leave and head on south down the ICW. This picture does not do justice to just how big these pieces of roadway are. It is an awesome sight to see them lifting high to let us pass underneath.


We’ve set sail to destinations unknown – southbound!


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